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We aim to be the COMPANY OF YOUR CHOICE.
As a CUSTOMER-ORIENTATED COMPANY, We provide excellent services and quality workmanship.

Business Activities

Design, Installation and Maintenance

High tension, low tension electrical installation
Air-conditioning installation
Pharmacetuical Plant
Bio Lab
Facility Piping Systems
Hosereel, Hydrant, Sprinkler systems
Process and Chemical Waste Piping Systems
Lab Gases, Compressed air, Nitrogen, De-Ionised Water, Vacuum, Utilities Piping Systems
Sanitary & Plumbing System


As the world becomes increasingly sophisticated and competition heatens up, there is a need to expand. We always try to excel in whatever we do as we always strive towards perfection. We never stop trying to figure out more innovative and creative methods to improve ourselves.

We try to enhance our services with more upscale and complex mechanical and electrical engineering designs and installations. We aim to make our clients proud in working with us. In order to better satisfy our clients, we strive to be an all-rounder in the industry. Clients will find us a one-stop solution for all their needs. They will avoid all the trouble and costs incurred in searching around.

Each company specializes in different areas. Specialization helps them to stay focussed and eventually excel in their scope of work. They complement and support one another, creating an added value for clients. They have their own vision and aims but all are moving in a common direction as a group, that is , to satisfy our clients even more.


Our aim is to be the best solution for your needs, to be unequaled in the services we provide and to surpass the efficiency and quality of work offered by our competitors. One of our objectives is to help clients save time. In business, time is money. Any delay is actually money wasted. Although delays are inevitable when there is a need to coordinate many different activities with various parties, we believe that our combined group efforts have kept it to the minimum


The group advance in concerted effort, complementing and supporting each other. We share our resources and strike as a force, putting up a united front. We believe in equity and equality. We affirm and uphold the principals of loyalty, trustworthiness and integrity. We are driven by the principals and philosophy we embrace. Our passion is not for profits, but all that we hold to and what we believe in.

Future Development

As we move on in this twenty first century, there is a greater concern for the environment. Water shortage and pollution is becoming a bigger problem. Market for the protection of environment is a sunrise industry and we will be expanding further in this area. By doing so, we would be meeting the current needs of our clients and at the same time, playing our part to make this world a better place.

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